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Mobilsept™ HCG O3 Technology

Disinfecting treatments with ozone does not require the use of any conventional detergents or cleaning chemicals. Reduce your ecological footprint and receive the best available hygiene treatment.

The Mobilsept™ HCG Hygiene Robot is specially developed and designed to perform a same time flawless and complete interior disinfection/deodorization treatment. Following the treatment, no after cleaning necessary. The produced ozone gas by the HCG generator will be distributed with 100% efficiency in the most hidden corners of the passenger's Cabin and Heating-A/C- Ventilation areas. (Demo film shortly) This high quality level of treatment provides trustworthy results and health prevention for all passengers in the vehicles.

Do not compromise your health!
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Did you know how long common living microorganism
can be dangerous to our health?

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